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A Pedal tractor is a type of pedal car. These toys have been around for many years. There are a number of adults who collect pedal cars including the pedal tractor. However, there are still pedal cars being made today so that a new generation can enjoy the fun of playing with a pedal tractor.

However, there are some safety tips one should consider when purchasing a pedal tractor. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that pedal cars do not have breaks. Now, you don't normally see a child obtain high speeds in a pedal tractor. However, if the child is riding the pedal tractor on around a hill, boat ramp, or other incline it may put the child in a dangerous situation. As such, pedal cars should be driven on hard flat surfaces avoiding swimming pools, ponds, and other bodies of water.

Another aspect of the pedal tractor is that it is low to the ground. This means that vehicle drivers may not be able to see children riding pedal cars. As such, playing with a pedal car in the street or driveways may also be dangerous for the pedal car drivers.

The pedals on the pedal tractor pose their own safety risks. Children should not wear loose fitting clothing that may become entangled in the pedals. Also, children should wear shoes while riding their pedal tractor. Lastly, do not allow children to push the pedal tractor when another child is inside. This is to protect the child as pushing the vehicle will also be moving the pedals and can pose a safety hazard for your child.

As long as your child follows all of the safety rules associated with the pedal tractor, your child can also enjoy the fun of a pedal tractor and you can enjoy knowing they are safe.

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