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Today toy cars have become a lot more complicated than the pedal cars of yesterday. Power Wheels now come powered up with the ability to go both forwards and backward with the push of a pedal. However, the pedal cars that gave way to the modern power wheels still retain all of their familiar charm.

Pedal cars go back to the 1890's when families began creating these toys out of scraps found in their barns. Before long the wealthy had taken over and created lavish versions of these pedal cars. Soon, the pedal cars started taking on brand names such as Buicks, Pierce-Arrows, and Wintons.

Toy cars have changed a lot since the time of pedal cars. However, many individuals still hold fond memories of their childhood pedal cars. This has given way to quite a few pedal car collectors trying to bring back the nostalgic feel of the old pedal cars.

The pedal car really is the perfect antique toy to own. They are very durable and can even be used from generation to generation. You don't have to restrict this toy to views only. Your family can actually experience the fun of the pedal car without fear of destroying a collectible.

In addition, you can still find many places that sell pedal car parts and offer pedal car restoration services. Pedal car books offer information about the history of pedal cars and information on how to restore your old pedal car.

Even if you didn't get to enjoy a new pedal car during your childhood, it isn't too late. Old pedal cars, not in great condition, can be found at swap meets for very low prices. You can also purchase pedal car kits to create a new pedal car for a couple hundred dollars. However, if you are holding on to an old metal pedal car, you may be holding thousands of dollars.

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