Car Travel Games

"Are we there yet?" This is the most dreaded phrase for parents who are on a family road trip. It is usually followed by "I have to go to the bathroom," or "I'm bored." Car travel games can help you reduce the frequency of these questions. Even the bathroom breaks might become less frequent when car travel games preoccupy your child's mind.

Hand held electronic games can be great car travel games. They do not include parts that may become lost, they are small, and they attractive to children. You should make sure you bring extra batteries in case your car travel games run out of power and be prepared to hear some beeps and other noises unless there is a sound option.

Car travel games can be found at discount stores that are smaller versions of regular board games. A lot of these car travel games are going electronic. You can probably find an electronic version of all the popular board games including Monopoly, Life, and others. These are also great car travel games because your children are already familiar with them.

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Now, these car travel games are nice and parents are always willing to dish out some dough for a little piece and quiet. However, you can actually create your own car travel games. One of these car travel games might be car travel bingo.

This is done by creating your own bingo card with items you might find while traveling. Road signs, certain types of vehicles, and bridges are some of the items that may be included. Just use a marker or regular bingo dobber to mark off your squares and you have a great car travel game.

Scavenger hunts can also be turned into fun car travel games. Again, you would used items that are commonly found while traveling. Another idea for car travel games can be made up versions of name that tune, 20 questions, and I spy. All of these make good car travel games.

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