Car Racing Games

Car racing has been a sport since cars first appeared on the scene. This of course led way to car racing games. There are three major car racing games that come to mind including slot car racing games, car racing video games, and the infamous soap box derby.

In the famous soap box derby children build their own cars that are to be raced in the derby. These car racing games are unique because they bring children together with their families and their communities. The cars are not allowed to hold any type of power source and must rely on gravity alone.

The world championships are held each year in Akron, Ohio. These car racing games have been held nationally since 1934 with the first all-American race taking place that year in Dayton before moving to Akron the next year.

Slot cars are basically the opposite of soap box derbies. Slot cars are small electrically powered cars that fit into a slot race track. These cars are controlled by a handheld device called a rheostat.
Controlling the speed of your slot car is the key to winning a slot car race.

As the car is steered by the slot and not by the controller, it may seem easy, however high speeds can send your car flying off of the track. These car racing games were so popular during the 1960's that some famous actors even hosted televised races including Steve Allen.

With the breakout of video games in the 1980's car racing games were also brought into our homes. Atari was one of the leading vide game companies of the 1980's and brought us games like the Indy 500.

Now, racing games have become more intricate. The graphics are incredible and new twists have revived the car racing video games. For example, crazy taxi and grand theft auto have changed the way we look at car racing games on video game consoles. They have taken the cars off of the track and placed them in very different situations.

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